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Manufacturing and Distribution

We specialize in crafting high-quality paints and coatings for every project. Our selection covers interior and exterior paints, primers, and specialty coatings in various colors and formulations to suit your needs.

Color Consultation and Customization

Our experts are here to help you choose the perfect paint color. We offer professional color consultation, trends advice, and custom color mixing, ensuring your project is uniquely yours.

Painting Services and Application Support

In addition to top-tier paint products, we offer professional painting services and expert application guidance. Whether you want our skilled painters or need tips for DIY projects, we’re here to make your painting experience seamless and successful.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified company

Quality Assurance through ISO Certification

“At Supreme Paints, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ISO certification. We are proud to be ISO certified, which is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. This internationally recognized certification demonstrates that our paint products and processes meet stringent global standards. With ISO certification, you can trust that every can of paint we produce adheres to the highest quality benchmarks. It’s a reflection of our ongoing commitment to providing you with superior paint solutions that stand the test of time.”

Sanjog Mainali, COO

Industry of expertise

which industry we serve ?

“Experience the power of our high quality paint products and professional services as we guide you through the journey of creating dream spaces.

Residential /Architecture

We have a huge shade range and paint products for all of your paint needs, weather it be Wood, Metal or Walls. A specialized paint for buildings, offering both aesthetic appeal and protective durability.

Industrial Paint

Supreme Paints manufacture industry specialized paint for factories and all industries so that it will best match your shade requirement and quantity and quality.


It is paint used on automobiles for both protective and decorative purposes. Acrylic polyurethane paint is currently the most widely used paint for reasons including reducing paint’s environmental impact.

25 +

Years of Experience with Production incharge

1,250 +

Projects Completed


throughout Nepal

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Professional Team


Our Pricing

“Transparency is our priority. Our clear pricing structure allows you to choose options that fit your budget. Customize based on factors like color, quantity, and finish. Need help? Our team is here for you. Quality, fair prices – that’s our promise.”

Products & Painting Service

Includes the cost of both product and complete painting services

All Products with 10 Yrs Official Warranty

Free Design and Consulting

After Sales Support

Nrs: 99,000/-

Onwards / 1000sq feet 1 storey home

Only premium Products will be used incl 10+Yrs Warranty.

For economy products, the total product and service cost will be minimized to Nrs: 74,000/-

Product Only

Fast Delivery through our outlets and Hardwares throughout the country

Free Design and Consulting

Products range for all painting needs

Premium Quality Products at a reasonable cost.

Nrs: 80,000/-

Onwards / 1000sq feet 1 storey home

All Premium Products incl. 10Yrs Warranty. *added in the total cost

For economy products the cost will be minimized to Nrs: /- 60,000/-

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“We’re here to handle all your painting needs. From selecting the perfect colors to delivering a flawless finish, our team is dedicated to making your vision a reality. Count on us for quality and expertise in every brushstroke.”